Concerts / コンサート

Charlotte de Rothschild sings all around the world at private events and public concerts, have a look at her concerts.

Japan 2019-10-20: Toyota Lexus, Nagoya
Taiwan 2019-10-24: Private event, Taipei, Taiwan
Japan 2019-11-16: Ueda Gakuen University
Japan 2019-11-19: Amitiés sans frontières concert, Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo
2019-11-22 - 2019-11-29: Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam tour
Japan 2019-12-14: Private event, Tokyo

Greece 2020-03-05: Theocharikis Foundation, Athens
Japan 2020-04-24: World Air Service, Suntory Blue Rose Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2020-04-29 - 2020-05-06: Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa concerts

Past Concerts

An overview of where Charlotte de Rothschild has sung in recent years

Earlier in 2019
United Kingdom 2019-02-15: Mansion House - Worshipful Company of Gardeners
United Kingdom 2019-03-12: Oxford Centre for Life-Writing St. Clement's Dane
Japan 2019-04-07: Gakushikaikan, Tokyo
Japan 2019-04-09: Private event, The Kitano Arms, Tokyo
United Kingdom 2019-05-14: World Air Service concert, Exbury
United Kingdom 2019-06-20: Private event, Exbury
United States 2019-07-17: Yale Center for British Art, New Haven
United States 2019-07-24: The Sembrich, Bolton Landing, NY

Japan 2018-02-22: Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo
Japan 2018-02-27: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2018-03-01: Meguro Persimmon Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2018-03-03: Private event, Hakata, Kyushu
Japan 2018-03-07: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2018-08-18: Funabishi, Chiba
Japan 2018-08-22: Asahi Hamariku Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2018-08-22: Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo - Premiere of In Pursuit of Silence
Japan 2018-08-23: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2018-08-25: Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo
Japan 2018-08-27: Hakodate, Hokkaido
Montenegro 2018-09-28: Zetski Dom Royal Theatre, Cetinje, Montenegro
China 2018-11-24: Private event, Bangkok
Vietnam 2018-11-26: Private event, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Japan 2018-12-04: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2018-12-07: Private event, Kyushu
Hong Kong 2018-12-09: Private event, Hong Kong Club, Hong Kong
Hong Kong 2018-12-11: Private event, China Club, Hong Kong
China 2018-12-15: Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing, China

Japan 2017-03-09: Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2017-03-10: Olympus Hall, Hachioji, Tokyo
Japan 2017-03-12: Symphony Hall, Osaka
Japan 2017-03-14: NGK Hall, Nagoya
Japan 2017-03-16: Yokohama Minatomirai Hall, Yokohama
Japan 2017-03-21: Kagoshima, Kyushu
Japan 2017-03-23: Tokyo Spring Festival concert
United Kingdom 2017-06-03: Windmill Hill, Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
Australia 2017-07-27: Family Connections, Cello's (lvl 4), The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Japan 2017-09-27: private event, Tokyo
United Kingdom 2017-10-07: Stoke Music Society, Suffolk
United Kingdom 2017-10-14: Gohei Nishikawa Special Piano Recital - St Lawrence Jewry next Guildhall

India 2016-04-23: Poona, India
India 2016-04-25: National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India
Japan 2016-09-22: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2016-09-24: Toyota Lexus, Nagoya
Japan 2016-09-28: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2016-11-30: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2016-12-04: private event, Hakata, Kyushu
Japan 2016-12-06: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2016-12-08: Asahi Hall, Tokyo

Japan 2015-04-19: Toyota Lexus
Japan 2015-04-21: opening of Tokagushi Kitano Museum,Nagano
Japan 2015-04-22: Grand Fuji Hotel, Shizuoka
Japan 2015-04-22: AOI Hall, Shizuoka
Japan 2015-04-23: private event, Tokyo
Taiwan 2015-05-02: Taiwan University, College of Social Sciences J J Liou Hall
United Kingdom 2015-06-11: Toyota Exbury concert
United Kingdom 2015-06-23: private event, London
United Kingdom 2015-10-15: Dorset, U.K., private event
United States 2015-11-03: The Kitano Hotel New York
United States 2015-11-05: Boston College, Boston,
United States 2015-11-07: Salve Regina University Chapel, Newport, Rhode Island
Japan 2015-11-24: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2015-12-05: private event, Shimizu, Shizuoka
Japan 2015-12-06: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2015-12-09: Osaka
Japan 2015-12-12: Niki Club, Tochigi
Japan 2015-12-13: Maebashi
Japan 2015-12-15: British Embassy Christmas party
Japan 2015-12-18: Cecilia Concert Hall, Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima
Japan 2015-12-19: private concert, Kyushu

Japan 2014-04-13: Toyota Lexus, Nagoya
Japan 2014-04-15: Grand Fields Golf Club, Mishima
Japan 2014-04-20: Symphony Hall, Osaka
Japan 2014-04-22: Musicasa Hall, Tokyo
United Kingdom 2014-05-29: EJEF Language School
United Kingdom 2014-06-19: EJEF Language School
Japan 2014-07-01: Sakata Civic Hall, Tohoku
Japan 2014-07-03: Kimitsu Shimin Bunka Kaikan, Chiba
Japan 2014-07-04: Fujinomiya Bunka Kaikan, Shizuoka
Japan 2014-07-07: Yamagata, Tohoku
Japan 2014-07-08: Murayama Shimin Kaikan, Tohoku
Japan 2014-07-10: Ichinoseki, Tohoku
Japan 2014-07-11: Morioka
Japan 2014-07-18: Ohga Hall, Karuizawa
Japan 2014-08-10: BS Asahi TV Channel
Taiwan 2014-11-14: Taidong, Taiwan
Taiwan 2014-11-15: Volando Urai Resort, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Switzerland 2013-03-21: private event, Zurich
Japan 2013-04-03: Wel-Tobata Hall, Kita-Kyushu
Japan 2013-04-04: private event, British Embassy, Tokyo
Singapore 2013-04-13: private event, Singapore
Japan 2013-04-17: Tokyu Inn, Tokyo
Japan 2013-04-18: private event, Latvian Embassy
Japan 2013-04-19: Kitano Museum of Fine Art, Nagano
Japan 2013-04-21: Nagoya, Toyota
United Kingdom 2013-05-08: Guildhall School of Music, London
United Kingdom 2013-05-19: private event, Exbury
United Kingdom 2013-05-25: Evensong, 17.30 p.m., Ely Cathedral
United Kingdom 2013-06-08: private event, Suffolk
United Kingdom 2013-06-15: Waddesdon
United Kingdom 2013-10-03: St. Andrew's, Holburn Circus, London
United Kingdom 2013-10-19: Exbury Church
Japan 2013-12-08: MOA4 Street concert, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Japan 2013-12-10: private event, Tokyo
Japan 2013-12-11: Utsunomiya
Japan 2013-12-14: Fukuoka, Kyushu
Japan 2013-12-16: private event, Latvian Embassy
Japan 2013-12-19: private event, Tokyo American Club
Japan 2013-12-21: private event, Mitaka
Japan 2013-12-23: private event, Okura Hotel, Tokyo

Japan 2012-03-31: private event, American Club, Tokyo
Japan 2012-04-01: Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka
Japan 2012-04-02: private event, Osaka
Japan 2012-04-04: Rihga Royal Hotel, Kyoto
Japan 2012-04-08: Hitachi Civic Center, Ibaraki
Japan 2012-04-10: Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo, Kanagawa
Japan 2012-04-12: Sapporo Concert Hall, Hokkaido
Japan 2012-04-14: Tsuda Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2012-04-14: Pastral Kazo Hall, Saitama
India 2012-04-18: National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India
United States 2012-05-09: Center for British Art, Yale
United States 2012-05-11: Caramoor Center for the Arts, New York
United States 2012-05-13: National Gallery of Art, Washington
United States 2012-05-15: Schubertiade, Washington
United Kingdom 2012-05-25: Ashwell Music Festival
United Kingdom 2012-06-03: English Music Festival, Dorchester Abbey
United Kingdom 2012-09-14: Selwyn College Chapel, Cambridge
United Kingdom 2012-09-27: Royal Society of Antiquities
Japan 2012-10-06: Musashino Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo
Japan 2012-10-08: Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan, Nagano
Japan 2012-10-09: Suginami Rotary Club, Tokyo
Japan 2012-10-11: Shizuoka
Japan 2012-10-12: Tokyo
Japan 2012-10-14: Tokyo
United Kingdom 2012-10-29: Japan Women's Association, London
United Kingdom 2012-11-10: St. John's Church, Hythe
United Kingdom 2012-11-16: Torbay Music Club
Japan 2012-12-08: Fukuoka, Kyushu
Japan 2012-12-09: Kanko Hotel, Unzen
Japan 2012-12-11: Asahi Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2012-12-16: Tokyo
Japan 2012-12-19: Hyatt Regency, Kyoto

Greece 2011-01-27: Theocharakis Foundation, Athens
United Kingdom 2011-02-21: Turner Sims Hall, Southampton
United Kingdom 2011-02-22: St Michael's Church, Southampton
United Kingdom 2011-03-11: St. John's College, Cambridge
Switzerland 2011-06-16: private event, Zurich
United Kingdom 2011-08-04: EJEF Language School
Japan 2011-08-28: Rose Theater, Fuji
Japan 2011-08-29: Ohga Hall, Karoizawa
Japan 2011-08-31: Kanak Hall, Yokohama
Japan 2011-09-01: Latvian Embassy recital, Tokyo
Japan 2011-09-03: Toyota Lexus Fan Club
Japan 2011-09-04: Yanagawa Ohana, Fukuoka, Kyushu
Japan 2011-09-06: Fukuoka, Kyushu
Japan 2011-09-08: Utsunomiya
Japan 2011-09-11: Sendai
Japan 2011-09-14: Gakushuin University, Tokyo
United Kingdom 2011-09-24: Church of St. Peter & Paul, Tring
United Kingdom 2011-10-13: Soane Museum, London
Switzerland 2011-10-20: Geneva
United Kingdom 2011-10-26: St. Stephen's, Walbrook
United Kingdom 2011-11-10: San Francisco
Japan 2011-11-16: Tokyo
Japan 2011-11-19: Ube, Yamagata
Japan 2011-11-20: Kumamoto, Kyushu
Japan 2011-11-23: Grand Fields Golf Course, Kishima
United Kingdom 2011-12-02: Exbury Church, Hampshire

United Kingdom 2010-05-07: United Reform Church, Romsey
United Kingdom 2010-05-13: Jewish Music Society
United Kingdom 2010-06-10: Handel House recital
United Kingdom 2010-07-10: Turner Sims concert hall, Southampton
Japan 2010-10-27: Private event, Suntory Hall, Tokyo
Japan 2010-10-29: Vega Hall, Takarazuka
Japan 2010-10-30: Osaka
Japan 2010-11-01: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2010-11-02: Hakata City, Kyushu
Japan 2010-11-05: Atsugi Rotary Club
Japan 2010-11-06: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2010-11-07: Wedding reception, Nagoya
Japan 2010-11-09: Ebisu Rotarians
Japan 2010-11-11: Utsunomiya
India 2010-11-15: National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India

United States 2009-10-05: Showa University Boston, USA
United Kingdom 2009-10-06: Japanese Consulate, UK
United Kingdom 2009-10-17: Ashwell, UK
United Kingdom 2009-10-18: Barrow, UK
Japan 2009-11-01: Private event, Tokyo
Japan 2009-11-08: Philipine Embassy, Tokyo
Japan 2009-11-10: Fukuoka
Japan 2009-11-13: Latvian Embassy, Tokyo
Japan 2009-11-16: Private Concert, Tokyo
Japan 2009-11-18: Utsunomiya


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